How does BBQ-EZY work?

As your BBQ heats up the heat transfers through this revolutionary material maintaining a hot non-stick surface which provides a perfect cooking surface.

Will BBQ-EZY burn?

BBQ-EZY is heat resistant to 380°celcius, so it is safe to use on any BBQ surface for continous cooking do not use higher than 300° celcius  We do not recommend the use of naked flame against this product as it reduces the heat resistant qualities of BBQ-EZY.

Will the food stick to the surface?

No, BBQ-EZY is a non stick cooking surface, you do not need any oils or sprays or cooking fat.

How do I clean BBQ-EZY?

You can wipe BBQ-EZY down with a paper towel or wash in mild soapy water and rinse if you are using sticky marinades. You do not need to use scrapers or elbow grease, or any harsh chemicals, how easy is that?

What can I cook with BBQ-EZY?

Hey! What can’t you cook? Anything you normally cook on your BBQ plus other foods that you weren’t game to before.

Does it matter what side I use?

It is OK to use either side of BBQ-EZY as both sides have the same heat resistant non stick properties.

Is it hazardous?

When used according to directions BBQ-EZY only enhances your cooking, it helps to lock in the flavour and juices allowing you to enjoy a more flavoursome, healthier and tender steak or any other type of food.

How long can I use it?

BBQ-EZY is designed for 1000’s of uses when used according to directions. Similar products are used in the food industry world wide.  We recommend you replace your BBQ-EZY liner at least every few years with another BBQ-EZY product. 

How can I stop my neighbour from borrowing my BBQ-EZY?

Store it in a safe deposit box or buy him another one, then borrow his and make it his problem. (which he can fix by visiting )If you click here and fill in your name where prompted I'll send them an email for you, and if they order one I'll send you a $5 voucher to use at your favourite supermarket. ( I'll pay you to get them off your back, crazy hey!)

Will it fit my BBQ plate?

BBQ-EZY is available in different sizes & thicknesses to suit all styles of  BBQ's, it can be trimmed to size for smaller BBQ’s. Larger sizes are available, please check our our order page and see the savings that can be made when buying larger sheets.

What is BBQ-EZY made from?

BBQ-EZY products are infused & coated with DuPont Teflon®, then it is formed into a non-stick high temperature resistant mat. This material has been used and tested in the food industry worldwide and is completely safe to use in this application as a cooking surface, complying with all regulatory bodies requirements.

Do thinner BBQ liners work?

BBQ-EZY has designed this BBQ liner specifically for Aussie BBQ’s as we use the BBQ more frequently than people in most other countries. We want you to use BBQ-EZY as often as you like for as long as you like without the fear of over using it and wondering if it is still as efficient as it should be, that's why BBQ-EZY is heavy duty. it's almost double the thickness of other liners (0.13mm) with a weight of 290g/m², but it retains all the heat generated onto your BBQ plate or grill. You can be confident that BBQ-EZY will exceed your expectations and you will enjoy a fuss free, easy to clean BBQ for a long time to come. Please see our Thickness Guide here for recommendations on mat thickness.

What guarantees do I get?

All we can say is this; if you are not blown away with your BBQ-EZY product after your initail use, then send it back and we'll refund twice the purchase price to your paypal account. BBQ-EZY is really that good.

Can I tell you what I think about BBQ-EZY?

We value your input as you are the end user of the product so any comment or thought, good or bad is welcome it helps us improve our product and service to you. Please email our feedback address, feedbackIf you allow us to use your comment in our promotions, and we choose to, then you will receive a $5.00 shopping voucher to use at your favourite supermarket.


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